Offer Proofreading Services

Offer proofreading services are services regarding checking an offer. Proofreading includes grammar, punctuation, and context in a text. Mediamaz Translation Service provides offer proofreading services to help you correcting offer text. Offer proofreading services in our company are proofreaders who are thorough and experienced in their fields. So, you can entrust your offer proofreading needs to the services of our company.

50+ proofreaders.

  • Dissertation proofreading services
  • Essay proofreading services
  • Academic proofreading services
  • Book proofreading services
  • Scientific manuscript proofreading services
  • Legal proofreading services
  • Business proofreading services
  • Paper proofreading services
  • Research paper proofreading services

Proofread many types of documents.

  • Journals
  • Books
  • Novels
  • Important documents
  • Short stories
  • Essay
  • Dissertation
  • Business
  • Patent
  • Script
  • Etc.

4 easy steps to order a proofreader in our company.

1. Consultation

Consult your needs with our team.

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2. Offering

We will send you the best and the lowest price.

3. Processing

Our professional proofreader will help you to correct your texts.

4. Completed

You will be sent hardcopies and softcopies of your files.

Certified by
Ministry of Law & Human Rights

Having a decree from Governor’s & Ministry of Law and Human Rights

Registered to 

The sworn translators have registered to  Ministry of Law & Human Rights.

Registered to

The sworn translators have registered to Foreign Embassy.

Certified by

Our professional translators have certified and registered to HPI.

32+ Years

Decades of experience in translating.

7 Billion Words
A Weeks

Mediamaz has a capacity of 7 – 10 billion words of translation a week.

1000+ Translation Projects

Our company has handled large to small scale companies.

1,5 Million 
Clients A Year

We have handled clients from national to international private scale.

  • Consultation – Consult your needs with our team via WhatsApp, live chat, email & telephone available 24/7.
  • Offering – You can negotiate with our Marketing team so that you can adjust your budget and project needs.
  • Processing – Our proofreader will help you to correct your files.

Completed You will accept the hardcopies and softcopies of your files.

  • Dozens of sworn translators – We have dozens of official partners of sworn translators registered by the government through the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and foreign embassies.
  • Hundreds of professional translators – Our more than 200+ professional translators who are certified and have national and international licenses, joined across continents from Asia to Europe.
  • Editing & QC team with ISO standard – Our company applies ISO 9001:2015 quality translation implemented by our Editing & QC team to produce accurate and user-friendly quality translations.
  • Experienced team – Our marketing team is ready to help you 24/7 full with friendly service and can provide solutions to your needs and problems.
  • Documents safe & confidential – Our team will protect your documents and keep personal and non-personal documents secret to protect their privacy. We will provide the best service for clients wholeheartedly.
  • Documents sent to the office – You can send the original file to our office address in Tangerang (google map)
  • Pick up documents – Our field team will pick up your documents according to a predetermined schedule (t&c applies)
  • Video call with our team – To increase your trust if the original document is sent via a third party, we provide the option of making a video call first with our sales team.
  • Update on work information – Our Operational and Legal Admin teams will give updates everyday.
  • Get a translation softcopy – You are not charged an additional fee for each translation result in the form of a FREE softcopy.
  • Get a translated Hardcopy – You are not charged for every hardcopy we send.
  • Automotive – Serving document translation in the automotive industry such as translating manual books, license permits, and others, and can help legalize these documents.
  • Bank – Providing document translation services in the banking industry such as translating banking documents with appropriate terms, and can assist in legalizing these documents.
  • Finance – Serving document translation in finance such as translating financial reports, bookkeeping and others. As well as being able to assist you in legalizing the document itself.
  • Law – Providing services for translating documents in the field of law, such as translating deeds, letters, and others. And can help in legalizing the document.
  • Health – Providing translation services in the health sector such as translating medical journals, translating drug data, and medical records. And can serve the legalization of these documents.
  • Manufacturing – Providing translation services in manufacturing such as translating production regulations, company documents, and others. And can help in legalizing the document.
  • Retail – Serving translation in the retail sector, such as translating sales report documents, reports on incoming and outgoing goods, and others. And can serve the legalization of these documents.
  • Travel – Can provide translation services in the field of travel, such as translating tour guide books or leaflets. As well as legalize the document.
  • Technology – Providing document translation services in the field of technology, such as translating service and maintenance documents, computer software, websites, and others. As well as legalize the document.
  • Games – Provide in-game content translation services for various types of games, such as RPG, simulation, MOBA, and many others. And leave the game.
  • Media  – Providing website translation services, content on social media, news, and others. As well as legalize the document.
  • E Commerce  -Serving the translation of online marketplace applications and the content contained therein. As well as legalize the content.
  • Hospitality  – Assist in translation in the hospitality sector such as translating hotel regulations, advertisements, and hotel policies. As well as legalizing the rules and policies themselves.
  • Government – Provide translation services for government documents such as documents for foreign embassies. And can assist in legalizing the document.
  • Marketing  – Providing translation in the field of marketing such as translating company sales documents. As well as legalize the document.
  • Life Science – Providing website translation services such as procedural websites, as well as legalizing the content of the website.
  • AI – Providing translation services in the field of AI such as translating software and those related to AI. As well as legalize the document.

Sworn translator services are services for translating documents into many foreign languages ​​so that the results of document translation can later be legally recognized according to law. By translating in the best sworn language translator, the resulting documents will also be legally recognized under the laws of the country whose language is used to translate.

Why is that? Because our team of sworn translators is a collection of experienced people who have passed the translator qualification test, have strong foreign language skills, are officially registered at many foreign embassies, have a Decree (SK) of the Governor of DKI Jakarta, and are members of the Association of Translators Indonesia (HPI).

In addition, the services of a sworn translator from Mediamaz TS can also be trusted because the results of documents that have been translated are guaranteed for their validity, accuracy, speed of service, free unlimited revisions, best quality, timely workmanship, and a guarantee for document translation results.

It can be used anytime and anywhere, translator services that can provide online document translation will be able to translate various special terms for many scientific fields, such as education, business, to important government affairs.

But even though there are many advantages that you can get, the prices offered by translators or translators can be used at low prices for professional classes. Apart from that, our translator services can also be used according to the closest location to where you live.

It has been discussed previously that Mediamas TS is a translation company that can serve various needs for translating educational documents, our online international journal translation services are ready to help you if the file you want to translate is a study journal.

Founded in 1995 and has been operating since then, Mediamaz TS has become a solution and center for foreign language translators and has 20+ foreign languages ​​to serve. We provide sworn translator services such as English, Mandarin, Arabic, German, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Spanish, Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese and Italian.

Meanwhile, when using a language translator service (translator service) at Mediamaz TS, the types of documents that can be translated and given to our translators can also be pdf online. The following are examples of the types of services you can use, such as online diploma document translation services, book translation services, and journal translators.

If you need the services of a trusted English sworn translator, you can trust us. We provide sworn translation services for documents in English. English sworn translator services We have completed a lot of projects related to translating documents in English.

Apart from that, our sworn translator services also have a competent and professional team in terms of translating good & accurate documents. That way you don’t have to worry anymore about using our sworn English translator services. Order the services of Mediamaz’s sworn English translator right now!

Professional & Experienced

Our interpreter team consists of a team of linguists who are experienced in working on various language-related projects.


The translation results by our interpreter team are guaranteed to be 100% accurate and the quality is beyond doubt.

Consultation Anytime

Before booking a schedule, you can consult our interpreter team regarding event needs. Because our team will always be ready to serve you anytime and anywhere.

No Additional Cost

You don’t need to bother anymore about costs, because you only need to pay for our services and don’t need to pay additional fees.

Legalization is a process or series of verifying officials against government agencies and getting re-verification in the form of signatures or stamps that have legal status as the validity of a document. The purpose of legalizing the document itself is to prove that the document was indeed signed by an official who has the right to legally sign the document. A translation company helps you in facilitating document legalization because it will be difficult if you legalize documents yourself without using company assistance.

In legalizing documents, usually legal institutions will first check the suitability of the notary’s signature so that when the notary performs his practice, the notary is required to send a sample of his signature to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, this has been regulated in accordance with the regulations (article 7 letter c Law No. 30 of 2004 ) regarding the Position of Notary. In this case, of course the process of legalizing it is not easy because there are several stages that must be carried out before the document can be valid and legal in the eyes of Indonesian law.

Types of documents that can be legalized include diplomas, power of attorney, notarial deeds, and various types of documents that require legalization. Legalization of documents is not only for domestic affairs but document management can also be done for international agenda needs, therefore the services of translators are also very much needed in legalizing documents. There are various kinds of document translators such as online document translators, file translators, foreign language translators and others.

Language translator services are needed when you want to legalize foreign language documents because it is useful to prevent mistakes in foreign languages ​​that will be translated into Indonesian and vice versa. Translators will first translate foreign language documents before the documents are submitted to officials because officials only focus on legalizing documents.


You don’t need to understand the entire flow of the legalization process at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Embassy because it has been handled by an experienced team.

Fast Process

Experienced and trusted by the ministry, the flow of legalization is guaranteed to be fast and smooth.

Affordable Cost

Even though you only need to pay a small fee, you still get the best legalization services.

Safe & Confidential

Processed by a reliable legalization team, the documents that you legalize will be guaranteed to be safe and confidential.

The interpreter is a translator, but the difference is that they act as an oral translator which translates the language directly or orally to the audience. The interpreter acts as a bridge between two or more parties with different mother tongues.

An interpreter is a linguist who acts as a bridge of communication between mother tongue countries and international language countries. The task of an interpreter besides being a bridge for two languages, of course, must also have extensive experience and knowledge, for example in the field of culture. Therefore, interpreters must be professional people because in translating, one cannot interpret the meaning of language arbitrarily. An interpreter is required to be responsible and careful about every language heard so that there are no misunderstandings regarding the information that will be conveyed to related parties.

The main requirement to become an interpreter besides being a word translator, the interpreter must also be equipped with a certificate as legal proof that he is a professional interpreter in his field. The interpreter can be used as a translator solution for those of you who are still mistaken about interpreting the implied meaning in a foreign language. Translators and interpreters have differences, a translator has the task of translating a foreign language in writing, the translator himself in working on the translation must first understand the context he is reading. In this case the translator cannot just translate literally.

In the current pandemic situation, interpreters can also be used as online translators and online language translators using video call applications which make interpretation activities even easier. Usually an interpreter works with a translation company or can work individually, but this will certainly reduce people’s trust in the services of a trusted interpreter.

Professional & Experienced
Our interpreter team consists of a team of linguists who are experienced in working on various language-related projects.

The translation results by our interpreter team are guaranteed to be 100% accurate and the quality is beyond doubt.

Consultation Anytime
Before booking a schedule, you can consult our interpreter team regarding event needs. Because our team will always be ready to serve you anytime and anywhere.

No Additional Cost
You don’t need to bother anymore about costs, because you only need to pay for our services and don’t need to pay additional fees.

Content writing services are services for writing articles based on SEO friendly writing techniques and using target keywords that are evenly distributed throughout the article content. If you are looking for the best article content writing services, then Mediamaz TS is the solution because our team consists of the best article writers who really understand article writing. With this, the quality of the article results that you get can be guaranteed for quality and ready to compete with other articles to occupy the first page of Google search.

For ordinary people, many people don’t know that the articles published on the website don’t have such important benefits. But in fact it’s more than that for people who understand digital marketing, an article on a website is the most important factor to be able to optimize the use of the website because it can bring in visitors as well as being able to offer it with soft selling techniques in the article content that is made. Apart from guaranteeing that the articles you will get are SEO friendly and ready to compete, our team will pay close attention to article copywriting techniques. So that later, sentence by sentence listed in the article will be able to attract the attention of visitors to return to visit the web or even buy the services offered by the company.

By using content writing services from Mediamaz TS, you don’t need to bother and learn every detail of the techniques needed to produce good articles because our team is the only one who needs to learn them. You only need to provide topics for writing and discussing articles while continuing to work in the office.

The content writing services that you can order are very diverse, such as writing articles for 300 words, 600 words, 1200 words, 1500 words, up to more than 2000 words. If you need to write an article urgently so that it needs to be available quickly, then our team can make it happen because the Mediamaz TS team really prioritizes quality and speed of service.

You are still confused about the topic of the article that our content team wants to make? We are ready to help you by making recommendations to match the goals you want to achieve and in line with the services offered by your brand.

Content Personalization
Articles created can be adjusted and personalized according to the purpose of creating content.

SEO Friendly
Can serve the creation of various kinds of articles that are SEO friendly, the competitiveness of article content will easily increase website traffic.

Fast and On Time
In addition to prioritizing speed and timeliness, the quality of the article is of course also very concerned.

Mediamaz TS proofreading service is a service for checking the structure and grammar of writing in a document. If you are looking for proofreading services, we are ready to help make grammatical corrections to your writing so that the documents you receive later are precise and accurate. In addition, our proofreader team also consists of professionals who are experienced and have knowledge regarding good writing grammar for various documents. Good for documents for educational purposes such as journals, articles, essays, to documents in the form of reports.

Being one of the important processes at the end of writing, proofreading is a step that must always be done before your final document is loaded on the site or used as it should. At present, even though there are many digitalization technologies that offer proofreading services, even a sophisticated machine will certainly escape small mistakes that can only be found by humans. Such as regional terms, specific terms for certain scientific fields, to correct the use of punctuation marks in the correct sentences.

The best benefits you will get when you use Mediamaz TS’s professional proofreading services, one of which is that you as a writer can see the results of your writing as credible, quality and accurate content. In the end, of course, your name can be remembered as a good writer. The proofreading services that can be used also vary, ranging from proofreading needs for documents in Indonesian, English and Japanese. If there is a language you are not sure that our proofreading services can work on, immediately ask our marketing directly.

If you are a businessman, our proofreading services can also serve the needs of writing checks on documents such as for manual documents, legal documents, company monthly/annual reports, project reports, website content, to proofread landing pages. Apart from that, our proofreading services can also be used to correct written grammar on personal documents such as CVs, textbooks, magazines, and books. By using our proofreading service, your writing needs can be practically solved because you don’t need to learn various writing conventions, KBBI standard language rules, and foreign language grammar in advance.

We have a team of experienced proofreaders who help you check your writing so it’s easy to read and understand

Every writing that is checked will certainly increase your credibility as a quality writer

Every sentence, grammar, to your writing structure will be checked accurately by the proofreader team

Localization or video & audio transcription services are services that serve in making subtitles or dubbing for video needs. In this era of globalization, people prefer to get information or watch using videos that are on social media rather than on television.

Media such as Youtube attract more public attention because there you can choose any shows that suit your tastes. Because the need for information through social media platforms is higher, of course many content creators put subtitles into the videos they share so that the audience can easily understand them. Translation services in this case are needed because it is important to remember that viewers on your channel may come from abroad who may not necessarily understand the words or language in your video.

Subtitles themselves can help explain sentences that not everyone hears or understands just by relying on the audio from the video, you can use the subtitle maker service as a translator solution that helps you arrange sentences correctly so that they become subtitles in the video. With the clarity of the subtitles in the video, of course, it will be proof that the quality of your video is not just content but there is clarity that makes your video more interesting.

If the video on your channel contains information that relies on sound, then you need a dubbing service. Dubers are of course different from word translators, word translators only have the task of translating words in sentences without the need to use their voices, while dubbers rely more on their voice intonation based on sentences that already exist or have been translated.

Experienced & Professional
Consists of a team that has completed many video subtitling and audio dubbing projects using the best translation terms so that video viewers can easily understand them.

Character Personalization
Filling in video subtitling and audio dubbing can be adjusted to the characteristics of the objects in your video.

Fast & Easy
You don’t need to worry about taking the time to complete your video or audio transcription because our professional team will work on it quickly and as needed.

Translate various kinds of official quality documents that are recognized by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Foreign Embassies.

Translating various kinds of official quality documents recognized by HPI and International.

Legalize important documents and letters of official quality in accordance with the rules and laws that apply at home and abroad.

Translate important events such as conferences, meetings, TV broadcasts or courts.

Serving AI-related data collection such as data services for AI, AI data collection & annotation, and others.

Translate documents in the legal field, such as translating deeds, letters, and others as well as translating IPR documents, legal documents, patent translation, technology & forensic consulting, managed review & legal staff, and others.

Tailor language in products to specific culture in a country such as mobile app localization, digital marketing content, website translation & localization and more.

Translation services, especially in the media sector. These services include voice over, dubbing, subtitling, video production, transcription, media localization, and others.

Sworn Translator & Language Localization

Indonesian HR Consultant

Jasa Penerjemah Tanzania

SIS Interpreters & Tools

Jasa Penerjemah Yordania

Business Licensing and Manufacturing Services for PT

Jasa Translate Ijazah Ke Bahasa Inggris

Digital Marketing Agency

Jasa Translate Ijazah Ke Bahasa Inggris

Translator Transcription, Audio & Video


We Always Contribute With The Latest Technologies, The Application Of Cyberspace Technologies Brings Significant Changes For Service Sector Companies Because It Can Speed Up And Save Work Time, To Continue To Develop Leading Innovations, We Will Contribute With Cloud-Based Products And Multi-Function Web So Your Experience Is Different From Provider Companies Else, our team relies on a cloud connected to the database to make it easier for you to search for related documents.


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